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Experimenting with photoshop, have some Danny badges.

They’re pngs so everything in white (except the text) is transparent.

Like/reblog if you use, that would be awesome

how to use badges

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I was scared my Stripper!Dethan idea would make me seem creepy but, hey! People liked it!

Teen Wolf + abdominals.

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Chrys watches TW [x]

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Ok, no. 

I need a fic where it’s Danny’s (or Ethan’s) birthday and Danny’s (or Ethan’s) friends (I.E Lydia) surprise him by getting him a stripper and the stripper turns out to be Ethan (or Danny) and they’re wearing like a fireman costume and the other one doesn’t know whats going on until hes getting a goddamn lap dance.

And there has to be cheesy stripper lines like:

Stripper: I heard there was a potential fire at this location.

Danny or Ethan: I don’t think so.

Stripper: Are you sure? cos you look pretty hot to me!

*cue dubstep music*

*cue ripping off clothes*

*cue this fucking fic*


4x23 / 5x17


Enzo throwing the doorknob at Hazel’s head. 


That was killer.

Is…Is it kidding?


Stilinski Twins/Triplets AU

Stiles gets kidnapped and the captor thinks this is all some kind of game. He wants to see how much of a man Shaun can be. Wants to know how fr the brotherly bond stretches. He puts Shaun through numerous tests in hopes that he won’t come out of them alive, but what he doesn’t know is…Shaun would die for Stiles and take anyone who hurts his brother down with him.

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Dethan - Fallen Angel AU

His brothers and sisters had warned him of the many temptations that Earth held and of the wicked creatures who would try to trick him. He didn’t listen and found himself falling into the arms of a wolf.

He would be cast out for the sins he was committing, but as Ethan trailed his lips lower, Danny couldn’t help but to think it would be worth it. What was the point of eternal life if it meant he wasn’t allowed to experience love, or the feel of another’s body pressed against his own?

'Let them take my wings,' Danny thought, gasping as Ethan's mouth did something truly sinful. He dug his fingers into Ethan's back and moaned, “I want to stay.”

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